Dogs & Cats Living Together

CSI My Kitchen, Part II

In my last post (which I recommend reading before you read further on this one), I had made a rather disheartening discovery one morning of a toy Mousie laying in … Continue reading

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CSI My Kitchen

In the winter morning darkness, I tried not to stumble down the stairs. Jasper, Lilah and Tucker, all legs and tails and happy moods, swirled around me. Though I’ve been … Continue reading

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Owl Be Seeing You

I am lucky enough to live on a piece of property that lies nearly adjacent to a 700-plus acre county park.  If I so choose–and I do fairly often–I can … Continue reading

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Tucker, Certified

Several years ago, my dad fell on the stairs of Temple University Hospital, while carrying a lunch tray of curry back to his office from the cafeteria. Without going into … Continue reading

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It’s the Little Things

Many years ago, when I was a student at Cook College, Rutgers University, I volunteered to take children on tours of the working farm on campus and sometimes Helyar Woods, … Continue reading

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Cache & Carry

If you share your home with cats or kittens, or spend any time with animals of the feline variety, you will know that one of their favorite things to do … Continue reading

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Winging It

Each year, I set goals for my photographer self. In 2011, my goal was to get some pictures of hummingbirds. You can see the results in the post Hum Along … Continue reading

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